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Cairns Carpet Cleaning
Cairns carpet cleaning

Carpet Dry Cleaning (VLM), just $29.00 per room, By PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services.

Cairns Dry Carpet Cleaning Service (VLM)Includes: Pre-Clean Carpet Treatment Stain Removal TreatmentCarpet Brush/Bonnet Agitation FIBRE PAD CleaningMICROFIBRE PAD Extraction/Drying Carpet Blow DryCarpet Grooming 

Just $29.00 per room (minimum 3 rooms)

Carpet Dry Cleaning (also known as carpet bonnet cleaning or VLM, meaning Very Low Moisture carpet cleaning), is our most popular Cairns carpet cleaning service. This highly effective carpet cleaning method is safe, highly effective, gentle on carpets, low cost and budget friendly. Dry carpet cleaning also has the fastest application time, the fastest carpet drying time and these are just some of the advantages over other PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Service methods.

Dry Carpet Cleaning (or very low moisture bonnet carpet cleaning), has been around for many years and in-fact continues to significantly gain market share and popularity among both domestic and commercial carpet cleaning service providers (and their customers), around the world. This is due to ongoing development and advancement of carpet cleaning machinery, accessories and in no small part due to the innovation of superior bonnet materials that produce the excellent dry carpet cleaning results now achievable.

We at PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services and all beneficiaries should also acknowledge the importance of the science and research that has produced the comprehensive array of carpet cleaning chemicals that we have today. Many of which are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. Through the advancement of these modern day chemicals we can today offer safer, greener, more value for money carpet cleaning techniques that deliver outstanding results to our customers.

For those of us in the carpet cleaning business (and our consumers), the importance of understanding the science of carpet cleaning chemicals, is vital for successful outcomes. In the age of misinformation and dubious social media posts, by persons in pursuit of social media fame (and/or monetisation), this fact cannot be understated. We regularly meet victims of such posts that suffer losses and damage due to some of the misinformation out there.

Once upon time the bonnet (fibre pad), carpet cleaning method was used only by carpet cleaners providing exclusively carpet dry cleaning services. However, these days most carpet cleaning companies, technicians and cleaning departments will provide or include dry carpet bonnet cleaning as part of their service menu or cleaning schedules. Like most good carpet cleaning companies, here at Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, bonnet dry carpet cleaning techniques are an essential element of our comprehensive Cairns carpet cleaning services.

Dry carpet cleaning (or very low moisture carpet cleaning), utilises carpet cleaning bonnets (specifically designed fibre pads), attached to a pad driver of a low-speed rotary drive system (also known as a floor buffer or polisher). The pad driver rotates and oscillates the carpet cleaning bonnet and a skilled operator can achieve outstanding results and effectively clean all types of carpet fibres.

Whether we are talking carpet bonnet cleaning, floor buffing, floor polishing or using technical terms like burnishing. Such terms for describing cleaning applications are often used interchangeably. But, the necessary element of any such agitation or friction based cleaning processes is a motorised rotary drive system or pad driver. Here at PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services we call it a CARPET PAD DRIVER. For the sake of being generic or all inclusive, let’s call it a PAD DRIVER.

The most vital element of a pad driver is the PAD or type of BONNET-PAD being used. Any successful application is very dependant on the type of pad used. Different pads allow for the many different types of application processes that a pad driver can perform. While a pad driver can very effectively clean carpets, buff and polish all kinds of flooring or even sand and refinish hardwood floors. It’s only by using the correct PAD or PADS that we can achieve the desired results in terms of carpet cleaning and all applications. It would not be wise to attempt to clean a carpet with a pad specifically designed for high speed concrete burnishing, likewise you wouldn’t sand down concrete or hardwoods with a soft microfibre pad designed for the dry cleaning of carpets.

Here at PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, we mostly only use MICROFIBRE Dry Carpet Cleaning Bonnets (Pads), for our Dry Carpet Cleaning Applications and services. As the name implies, our MICROFIBRE PADS are made from MICROFIBRES. This high-tech fabric has been mass-produced for the last two decades, since the early 2000s and today is one of the most common used materials in the cleaning industry. The material has a very high detergency or cleansing power and can attract and secure even microscopic soils or dirt very effectively. This is partly due to the fact that microfibres are slightly positively charged, while the dirts and fats they are designed to attract are negatively charged.

The Microfibre pads used by PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services are made of synthetic micro-fibres and have performance benefits far greater then that of traditional cotton, including being lint-free. Microfibre is much smaller in size than the finest of silk fibres and can be up to hundred times smaller than a human hair. It’s this feature that makes microfibre pads so highly absorbent, having excellent moisture absorbing capabilities. The pads have a much greater available service area and the fine microfibre pores absorb water and secure dirts far more efficiently than other materials. Microfibre carpet cleaning pads absorb water similar to how a very fine sponge would and can hold up to seven times their weight in water.
Finally, another great benefit with the use of microfibre pads is that due to their superior absorbent qualities, they are far more efficient in removing dirts, allergens and other harmful contaminants without using harsh chemical detergents, this feature also has positive health and environment impacts.


There are many very good reasons to have carpets in our homes, both aesthetic and practical. Carpets have far more benefits than to beautify our homes, be soft, comfortable and luxurious under foot, there are real health benefits too.
Cold hard flooring during the winter months can be unhealthy, especially for the young, old and immune compromised. For children, the elderly and those suffering from mobility issues hard floors can be slippery and dangerous, increasing the risk of serious injury from falls. Risks can be higher if stairs are uncarpeted. Carpeted floors can dramatically improve home safety in this respect.
Carpet can improve indoor air quality by helping to control airborne dust particles, keeping the air that you breath healthier and decrease the risk of dust related allergies like asthma and allergies. Recent studies have shown that carpet can be more beneficial than hard floors for those with respiratory issues relating to airborne pollutants. Carpet fibres can effectively trap particles and allergens that could otherwise have negative health impacts. These unhealthy particles and allergens are removed during vacuuming and cleaning. Simply put, the air quality in homes may be cleaner and healthy than homes with hard floors (ONLY WITH REGULAR CLEANING).

Carpets have great sound insulation properties, this is particularly important for high rise and apartment living. The upstair neighbours with hard floors could improve their lives and others with carpeted floors. Carpeted floors will not only help absorb any noise transfer to the long suffering neighbours below, soft surfaces like carpet limit sound waves bouncing off walls. Bare rooms or rooms with hard floors often suffer from poor acoustics and the flutter-echo effect. Carpeted rooms can greatly reduce unwanted noise, improve entertainment and audio experience, not to mention making communication easier.


It is often cheaper to carpet a home, when compared to the costs of materials and preparations for most hard flooring options. However, the cost of quality carpet floorings and the associated installation charges, means that carpeting a home is anything but cheap. The installation of good quality carpets is an investment that must be maintained to protect and preserve this valuable asset.
Regular carpet cleaning will significantly prolong the life of the carpets in your home and preserve this valuable home and property asset. This is why most carpet manufacturer warranties require that carpets must be professionally cleaned within specific periods of time, as to not void the warranty. Here at PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, we recommend that carpets are professional cleaned every six months to both help preserve the quality of the carpets and to promote good hygiene and indoor air quality.

Having carpets in your home can dramatically improve indoor air quality by helping to control airborne dust particles, pollutants and allergens, keeping the air that you breath healthier and decreasing the risk of dust related allergies like asthma and allergies. Carpet fibres are effective in trapping particles and allergens that can otherwise have negative health impacts. However, just like a sponge can only hold so much water, carpet can only hold so much of these pollutants. To maintain healthy indoor air quality these unhealthy particles and allergens must be removed during regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning. PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services can help preserve the quality of your carpets and improve indoor air quality.

Our carpets see the worst of us, or at least some of our dirtiest household activities. We literally walk all over them in fact and most of us wearing shoes that we have just walked in from the street. When we or our guests wear shoes (our pets don’t even need shoes), we inevitable walk all kinds of nasty bacteria and dirt particles into our homes. Food, drink spills and little accidents can also have significant impact on the condition of our carpets, and not just in appearance and odours issues. If household carpets are not regularly deep cleaned and sanitised to prevent the buildup of allergens and unhealthy contaminants, they can negatively effect the health of all occupants (including our pets). 

Unsightly stains caused by our feet, our pizza, our kids, our pets and 101 other home activities are just a consequence of living our lives. However, we want our carpet stains to be like our house guests. Footprints may be fine at the beach, but in our homes it’s better to ‘Leave without TRACE’. If carpet stains are not REMOVED they can become PERMANENT.

Common carpet stains (and many DIY stain treatments), can leave sticky residues on carpets that attract yet more dirt and grime. This can lead to permanent damage to carpet fibres. If toxic chemical residues, like those often found in DIY carpet cleaning solutions get stuck in household carpets, our children and pets are at risk of negative health effects. These can include allergic reactions, like itching and rashes from skin contact or even breathing difficulties from breathing in chemical residues that can become airborne.


Dust mites are a common cause of allergies and allergic reactions. They are also a common trigger for asthma attacks. They live in our furniture, carpets and bedding, feeding on the dead skin cells that we shed everyday of our lives. Symptoms of a dust mite allergy might include all or some of the following, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose, mouth or throat, itchy red or watery eyes, itchy skin and coughing. For people suffering from asthma dust mites can increase the risk of dangerous asthma attacks, causing difficulty breathing, chest pain, chest tightness, wheezing, coughing and poor sleep because of breathing difficulties.
While there are prescription and non-prescription medicines designed to help reduce the symptoms of dust mite allergies. Many of the people that suffer from dust mite allergies claim drugs often don’t offer complete relief from their symptoms. For this reason and to limit reliance on drugs and possible side effects, it’s very important to reduce the numbers of dust mites in your home. Being exposed to high levels of dust mites at home, especially during childhood increasing the risk of complications now and in later life. Limiting exposure to dust mites and their waste products can dramatically reduce the symptoms and suffering.

Regular vacuuming of carpets, mattresses and upholstery with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner will help prevent the buildup of allergens. The HEPA filter will greatly limit the ability for dust mite particles, pollen, mold spores and pet dander from escaping back into the room. Hard floors and surfaces should be mopped and wiped down with wet cloths were possibly. 

PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services can effectively help to remove and control allergens with our carpet, mattress and upholstery cleaning, sanitise, deodorise and stain protection treatments (we use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners).

Lowest Cost (from just $29.00 per room)
Effective Dirt and Soiling Removal (excellent stain removal capabilities)
Fastest Application Time (the least inconvenience)
Low Water Usage (VLM very low moisture cleaning means there is less risk of over wetting carpets)
Fastest Drying Time (carpets ready to walk on from just one hour)
Encapsulates Soil/Dirt Particles (making them easy to remove from carpets with subsequent vacuuming)
No Harsh Chemicals (we use some of the most safe, non-toxic and biodegradable products for general carpet and upholstery cleaning)

PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, mostly use very powerful cleaning detergents produced from renewable raw materials, including natural orange oils, that are less likely to cause skin irritations. We like environmentally responsible cleaning detergents that conform with all statutory environmental requirements.
Our general carpet cleaning chemicals are pH neutral, enabling them to be safely used on 100% wool carpets, nylons and all washable synthetic fibres. They contain fully biodegradable surfactants and are phosphate-free. 

We at PRO Cairns Carpet Cleaning Services, prefer to use carpet cleaning detergents made from ingredients that use fully Biodegradable Surfactants, are Phosphate-Free, pH-Neutral, Very Low VOCs (volatile organic compounds), that can cause poor air quality, air pollution and potential allergic reactions in some individuals. 
We recommend cleaning detergents that contain NO Ammonia, Glycol Ethers, Heavy Metals, Ozone Depleting Substances, Nonylphenols, Ethoxylates and are Caustic and Chloride Free.

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