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Hello Friends, I’m Pastor Michael, an Ordained Minister and Certified Christian Marriage Coach, specializing in 1:1 Online Christian Dating Coach and Christian Relationship Coach Services. I’m also the founder of Faithmunity Christian Marriage Coach Counseling School, home of the Faithmunity Online Christian Marriage Coach Masterclass and FREE to-all Online Christian Relationship Coach Resources.

YOU CAN SAVE A MARRIAGE FROM DIVORCE – GET HELP NOW WITH TRUSTED ONLINE CHRISTIAN MARRIAGE COACH COUNSELING – Let me help you heal your marriage and rediscover trust, love, intimacy, and your God ordained soulmate. Get Help Save your Marriage with Online Christian Marriage Coach – Pastor Michael

Here at Faithmunity, we are passionate about Christ, and we believe that God loves us and teaches us to love Him through loving relationships; the very same reason we believe that there is no greater desire in the human heart than the desire to LOVE and to be LOVED. Sadly, despite living in the age of easy and instant communications, millions of us are suffering from an ever-increasing loneliness epidemic. Loneliness is now endemic in the Western world. By its very nature loneliness isolates us from human connection, thus depriving us of Devine love and happiness.

Our Christian life coaching tools and life coach learning modules are empowered by biblical principles, science-based disciplines, positive psychology techniques, human potential development tools and strategies to maximise individual positive growth and wellbeing. If WELLBEING derives from physical, mental and emotional health, LOVE derives from intimate human relationships that glorify God.

For most, finding LOVE with a committed and loyal partner will not be an easy journey. Finding anything that resembles TRUE LOVE (unconditional or unselfish love), even harder. Unconditional or Devine agape love is the kind of love God has for us. I believe God ordains marriage and blesses union with the gift of unconditional, selfless love between soulmates – one flesh (Mark 10:7-8).

Unconditional love is often seen in the love parents have for their children, though not always. You may have first experienced unconditional love from a parent or grandparent. It’s love that ‘just loves regardless’, as opposed to conditional love, that has conditions or ‘strings’ attached (I’ll love you if you behave like this).
We need to understand that while unconditional may be the ultimate goal (to give and receive). Conditional love is far more common in romantic love, and it not necessarily negative or harmful – Let us consider unconditional and conditional love on a spectrum. As with all spectrums we can find the most outstanding examples in the extremes.
Let us ponder what a low-level conditional-love based relationship might look like. Well, it would typically feature benign and very reasonable demands, such as relationship commitment and fidelity. However, at the other end of the scale we are likely to find that relationships based heavily on conditional love tend to be oppressive in nature, with the potential to manifest into dangerous physical and psychological harmful behaviors.
So, not all conditional love is necessarily negative and harmful. However, all levels of conditional love-based relationships tend to exhibit more judgmental and critical behaviors, when compared to unconditional love or agape love (God’s love). However, they are typically only negative and potentially dangerous in the extreme.
Now we get to talk about Greater love, Devine love, God’s love (Agape Love). Human unconditional, self-sacrificing love is inspired by this love. The creator of heaven, earth and YOU, placed Devine seeds of unconditional love and goodness in your DNA, that will forever be linked to the source, God (it’s up to you if you nurture or neglect this inherent goodness).
Jesus in His Devine rescue gave us the perfect example of Greater Love. He willingly died so that we may live. Never has there been a greater act of perfect unconditional selfless love, than that for mankind by the Son of God (Romans 5:6-8).
Jesus Himself said, that there is NO GREATER love than to lay down one’s life for the life of another. Jesus also said, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you (John 15:12).
Now, not all unconditional love will lead to a life-or-death situation, requiring you to make the ultimate sacrifice. However, self-sacrifice is clearly Biblical and clearly pleases God (He in fact COMMANDS IT).
If you want God’s blessing in your life, live in way that pleases Him. If you long for the unconditional love of a Devine soulmate or your relationship needs healing, attract the blessing of God by honoring this core Biblical principle. 
TRUELOVE is Unconditional and Self-Sacrificing. As a Christian dating coach and relationship coach, this is the love I want for you; and guess what, it’s the love God what’s for you. Why – because if someone truly loves you, they put your needs and wellbeing above their own. They willingly sacrifice their own needs and desires for YOURS, that’s true love, that’s Godly love.
SELF-SACRIFICE is what defines unconditional love. If someone truly loves unconditionally another human being, they naturally become more selfless and less self-serving. Unconditionally love also tends to be non-competitive. Competitive relationships work just fine in sports. However, competition or competing partners in romantic relationships and marriage tend to cause a great deal of conflict and resentment. 
As a Christian relationship coach, I’m often coaching couples with serious conflicts in their relationships. Competition within relationships is often a central ingredient to relationship conflict. Interestingly, less common within relationships that have a sole breadwinner. However, communication, insecurities and low self-esteem are also common factors. 
However, As said above, most of us will never have to make the ultimate sacrifice. But, by living in ways that are self-sacrificing and making decisions that put the needs of others ahead of our own is Godly and pleasing to Him. Joy, happiness, purpose and God’s blessings are found in being of selfless service to others. 
“Be devoted to one and another in love. Honour one another above yourselves” (Romans 12:10).
We have all heard of mothers going without food to feed their children (my mother did it for me), and people that risk and lose their lives trying to protect and save others. There is no greater love or more noble act. This willingness to self-sacrifice is what naturally manifests from unconditional love, true love.
YOU can have this kind of love. You DESERVE this kind of love. God will touch you through this kind of love. Abundance is found in such kind of love and leads men and women to reach their God-given potential, thereby glorifying God; Don’t settle for less than you deserve.
Any dedicated Christian dating coach or Christian relationship coach would want this kind of love, greater love for their clients; and with biblical and science-based principles and strategies YOU can achieve such unconditional love. It just requires FAITH and STRATEGY (I can help you get the true love you deserve).
Having looked at the theory and theology of greater love, let us now look at an application of true love in the real world, which we now know by nature is unconditional love and self-sacrificing love, inspired by God’s love.
Let us now consider an example of unconditional love in the physical world, in the extreme – Imagine this, you are on the beach and a person you love (just picture the person you love the most), is in the sea, caught in a riptide and having trouble staying above water: 
Now, ask yourself this, would you JUMP IN or CALL FOR HELP? Not sure, so let’s make it a bit more confronting – The person you LOVE, that is now potentially drowning, is now CALLING YOUR NAME! Do you JUMP IN or CALL FOR HELP? 
If you do a good job in imagining this terrifying scenario, you may even experience physiological changes in your body, like faster breathing and heartbeat. More importantly, you should not only be able to determine what love you have for your loved one, but what love you’d prefer people have for you.
Interestingly, there are plenty of people that risk and have risked their lives to save people they don’t even know (strangers), and some do it on a regular basis (think police and rescue services). They inspire us all with their selfless bravery, they are our real-life heroes.
Of course, we are but human and subject to human fear and weakness. However, this is my point, love by its very nature can make us courageous and strong in the face of adversity. The greater the love, the greater the willingness to self-sacrifice (Jesus gave us the perfect example).
For myself, if I perform the above exercise imagining my wife was the one in trouble I’d be in the water. My reasons are many. I take my responsibility to protect her seriously. I cannot bear the thought of her suffering. She is my soulmate, and I can’t imagine, nor want a world or my life without her in it. 
Now, we all know that men have generally become more feminine today. This has led to more masculine women. Yes, both men have women have a degree of opposite gender energy. However, feminine women at their core need a man they can trust to protect, provide and in-essence, is willing to die for them (self-sacrifice). On a biological level, women need to feel safe and protected.  We live in a dangerous world and women are subconsciously looking for a man that could potentially ‘save’ them and their children, if their deepest fears become reality (whether they know it or not).
My own wife was very impressed with an article she read sometime back, where a husband jumped on the back of a 10-foot Great White Shark, that had his wife’s leg in its mouth. When asked about it, he simply replied, “I just did what anyone would have done” (great example of selfless and self-sacrificing love from a husband for his wife). Courageous and brave men impress ALL women. 
As a Christian dating coach, I use educational tools and positive psychological techniques to help men and women reconnect with their masculine and feminine energies; and to seek partners based on self-love, empowerment, honesty, understanding their core fundamental needs and biblical principles. 
As a Christian relationship coach, I help couples heal conflict, reconnect, learn to love unconditionally, understand their core beliefs and needs, more forward in unity, purpose, love, compassion and passion for their partners. This is the unconditional love I pray you will be blessed with. Nothing in this world will give you greater human and Divine connection (soulmates).
If you are single and looking for ultimate love, the love that soulmates are blessed with, there are free resources on this website. They are designed to teach self-love, self-confidence, CBT positive physiology and NLP techniques. We also offer One to One Christian Dating Coach Services & Christian Relationship Coach Services. 
My Christian dating coach and Christian relationship coach services include personally tailored strategies, 1:1 online coaching sessions and unlimited email support to our worldwide clients. My Christian dating services are designed to help you find true love and soulmate you deserve, so that you may grow in loving union and glorify God. 
The popular culture of today often favors a more casual and uncommitted style of intimate relationship and romance. Sadly, as a result many of us will settle for something that looks very different to the love story we had in-mind; and as a consequence, risk becoming disillusioned or worse.

Regardless of the above, by Devine design our desire for love and connection can be overwhelming and all consuming, often leaving us feeling powerless in its gravity.

For men and women with the very same God-given desire to find their soulmate, but adhering to Christian values and purity it has never been harder. Just as the Bible warned, people will grow cold and lose hope (Matthew 24:12). For single Christians looking for love in today’s world, their faith has never been more important.

The very nature of God is love and by His grace we all deserve to be loved, regardless of our values and convictions. In fact, we are commanded to love others as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). This is because God loves us through the love of others.

It is because of the above and in the spirit of 1 John 4:19, that we serve with love and respect all people desiring to achieve their full God-given human potential. Our Christian life coach service and Christian dating coach services are for Christians and non-Christians alike. 

 Our beliefs systems and religions are formed and shaped by environment and culture, but there is but one God. Some people are more comfortable with words like Mother Nature, The Devine, The Universe, but whether you say ‘tomayto or tomahto’, we worship the same God or are on our individual journey to find Him.
In the same way, we can talk about Biblical principles or the principles of virtues and ethics. We believe they are one and the same. They are all concerned with moral principles to find truth, love, purpose and to reach your full human potential for self and community. 
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